Company Information

HiRe Benefits was created after years observing the group employee benefits business. The observation was that very few agents and brokers bring true value to their clients beyond simple product/market access. We were determined to change that model. We created a firm focused on providing a comprehensive benefit solution, both in breadth and depth of services, to include strategic planning, consulting, brokerage, compliance and communication services as well as outsourced administration and enrollment solutions. We ensure that your business has explored all opportunities for efficiencies and cost control, not simply focusing on the obvious -healthcare premium increases-, but also focusing on the “hidden” costs of benefit programs; the complexity’s of administration, communication, compliance and long term planning.

At HiRe Benefits, we are not a sales organization selling insurance product, but rather a professional service organization offering our time and expertise. We utilize sophisticated, Internet-based applications that have saved other employers significant dollars on employee benefit costs, and these applications can help you too.