How We Can Help You

Specifically, we examine customer needs and deliver:

  • Strategic Planning - analyze programs, determine objectives
  • Consulting Services - make recommendations, design & pricing, monitor and report plan performance, keep updates on legislative changes
  • Brokerage Services - market plans, review new concepts, manage transition/enrollment, review policies, provide product support (claims, service, premium payments, supplies, etc.), negotiate renewals, review funding levels
  • Communication Services - Create HR Website (benefit plan comparisons, cost comparisons, form storage, link to providers, HR policy manuals, job openings, much, much more!) review current materials, create new hire packets, assist with enrollment meetings, create benefit statements, newsletters & payroll stuffers
  • Compliance Services - Internet based legislative platform, internal resource library, form 5500 preparation, review of plan documents to ensure compliance, and other compliance services as determined on an on-going basis.  (read more)

As you can see from the scope of services above, we are “bucking tradition” by focusing on professional services rather than product placement. We moved away from agency norms by refusing to become a mass marketing organization. Our focus is to immerse ourselves in your programs, guiding you in planning, communication, compliance and administration, being viewed as an integrated component of your organization.   (read more about our services)

Here is the best part:

You are probably already paying for the services listed above- you’re simply not getting them! For standard brokerage commissions - we offer the services listed above. That is how we bring value to your organization- by doing much, much more for the same benefit dollar that you are already paying.

In order to provide this level of service, we must be very disciplined in our approach to client solicitation. We will work with a select clientele who can expect an unsurpassed level of commitment to and involvement in their benefit plans.