Unique Business Model

Traditional employee benefits broker and consultant business models fall into two basic categories:

Middleman Model

The “Middleman Model”: in this model, the broker is perceived as a product placement or procurement service…

Another Vendor Model

In the second model, the “Another Vendor Model”, the broker is perceived as just another vendor in the outside universe of employee benefits vendors.

Both of these traditional models take a very external, limited scope point of view towards clients and client services. In both of these models, once the product is “sold” the client is generally left to deal with the day to day administration interface with the insurance carrier.

Our Model

At HiRe Benefits, we’ve developed our unique business model to be intentionally more intrinsic with an on-going commitment to clients and client services. We work for you and do more for fewer clients. We believe in a clear delineation of loyalty…our loyalty is to the client and is with the client’s organization. We become an integral part of your Finance and Human Resources organization.