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HiRe Benefits is redefining the client/broker relationship by raising service expectations.  HiRe Benefits provides comprehensive, focused solutions going beyond typical brokerage services to include consulting, compliance, communication, administrative and enrollment solutions. For our clients we dig deeper, uncovering all opportunities, including administrative, for efficiency and cost control. Additionally, we can perform many of your current in-house functions like billing and eligibility administration to give you back time for more strategic, internal concerns.

“The Mission of HiRe Benefits is to deliver an intensely high level of guidance to a select group of customers.” (read more)

The pressure of today’s economic climate bears down on all aspects of your business but the pressure felt by Human Resources may be the greatest of all.

  • Runaway healthcare costs
  • Complex and costly benefits administration requirements
  • State and federal compliance requirements
  • Stretched and shrinking resources

The traditional client/broker/insurance company model has done little to step up in the face of today’s healthcare challenge to help businesses build smarter, targeted, and less administrative intensive benefit offerings and support systems. HiRe Benefits is the exception!

HiRe Benefits was created to tackle these issues head on with a highly engaged, service intense business model that frees up your internal resources so you can focus on mission critical functions.